June 5, 2022

Baby Crib Buyers Guide for New Parents

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Your baby almost spends the entire day in the crib, and you must make the right decision while choosing a crib for your baby. You need to make sure that the crib is safe enough for your baby and is of the highest quality. Investing in a good crib and crib mattress is something that should be on your priority list. 

We are pretty sure that you feel tempted to buy all that cute and stylish cribs in the market for your kid. But wait! These are not the only two factors worth considering. Here is a detailed guide for you to help choose the perfect crib for your baby, and to narrow down the search, below you'll find our top 3 baby cribs:


Graco Pack 'n Play

Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Portable bassinet removes from the playard for bedside use at home or away
  • Portable bassinet features 2 height positions, folds compactly, and includes its own carry bag
  • Portable, raised bassinet positions baby at your eye level on the playard
  • Full-size infant bassinet provides an elevated spot for your baby to sleep
  • Diaper changer features wipe-clean fabrics for easy cleanup
  • Babyletto

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Rounded spindle design, and open silhouette make it a versatile choice for the modern nursery. Complete your nursery with the Hudson 3-drawer or 6-drawer dresser.
  • Has undergone rigorous scientific testing for over 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs. It contributes to cleaner indoor air, creating a healthier environment for your baby to sleep, play, and grow.
  • Transitions from crib to toddler bed and daybed, with an included toddler bed conversion kit. The low profile design and 4 adjustable mattress positions make it easy to put a newborn to rest.
  • DaVinci Kalani

    Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Four adjustable mattress positions that can be lowered as your baby begins to sit and stand. Easily converts to toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed (toddler conversion kit No.M3099 and full-size conversion kit No.M4799 sold separately)
  • Made of 100% solid sustainable New Zealand pine wood -only the best for your sweet baby
  • Finished in a non-toxic multi-step painting process and lead and phthalate safe

  • Tips for selecting the best baby crib

    A crib is a one-time investment you will make for your baby, and it should be worth it. Here are few pointers you can keep in mind before choosing one: 

    • Mattress Support: To support your toddler's body weight and movements better, you should look for a crib set up with a metal spring base rather than a wooden slat base. 
    • Adjustable mattress height: You should always buy a crib with a standard crib mattress whose height can be adjusted so that your baby can climb out of it when he/she grows in size.
    • Casters: If you travel often, you should go for portable cribs with wheels to help movement. 
    • Crib shape: Don't go for crib shapes that are too fancy. It might be difficult for you to find a mattress for it. Oval or round ones are both stylish and convenient. 

    How do I choose a crib for my newborn?

    There is a wide range of cribs that are available in the market for babies. You need to choose the one that meets the needs of your baby. Let us take a glance at the types of the crib so that you can select the perfect one for your baby. 

    1. Standard size crib: This crib is a great choice if you want your baby to use the crib for more than a year. If you have enough space in your toddler's room you can consider buying this one. 

    2. Convertible cribs: This crib is one of the most popular choices among parents who are looking for multi-purpose cribs. Convertible cribs can be easily converted into toddler beds, day beds, and even full-size beds. 

    3. Mini cribs: If you are searching for a budget crib that can easily fit in a not so spacious room, a mini crib is your solution. They are compact and offer multiple mattress height settings that are customizable according to preferences. Mini cribs are also highly functional since they can be easily converted into twin size beds or mini daybeds. 

    4. Portable/Folding Cribs: If you are a parent who lives in a cramped up room with a baby, these cribs can be your savior. They are easily foldable, have wheels and you can store them flat. The best part is you can carry a portable crib around when you are traveling. Certain modern cribs convert into playpen and diaper station as well. 

    5. Multi-Functional or Multi-Purpose Cribs: If you want an all-in-one personalized nursery solution for easy organization of all the baby essentials, this one is the perfect crib for your baby. This baby crib has soft close drawers and shelves and can also be converted into a full-sized bed stand to meet all your storage needs. 

    Is a crib or bassinet better for a newborn? 

    In the initial four to five months after your baby is born, you would want to keep your baby closer to your bed. Bassinets are a great choice for such toddlers. You can easily nurse your kid from your bed when your baby is sleeping on a bassinet rather than standard cribs. 

    If you are still recovering from your stressful delivery, we highly recommend you go for bassinets rather than cradles. They are also more affordable, portable, and easy to set up. If you are someone who travels a lot, bassinets can come in handy. 

    Which is better crib or playpen?

    Both cribs and playpens have their pros. Some parents prefer playpen more since they are surrounded by mesh on all sides which keeps their baby safe. Some playpens also come with detachable bassinets which are again very useful for new parents. The best part is that playpens are quite spacious which gives the baby more room to play. 

    Cribs are also quite popular among parents since they are quite sturdy, reliable and their height can be easily adjusted. Cribs are also the best sleep furniture investment for growing babies. Similarly, there are cons to both. It is quite difficult to clean playpens due to their low height. And comparatively, cribs are a little less secure and more expensive. We cannot give a verdict about which is the better one. You need to decide what works better for your baby. 

    Are metal or wood cribs better? 

    Let us go through a quick comparison of the two:    

    • Wooden baby cribs are highly functional and last long. You can transform some of the convertible models into other sleeping furniture as well. This saves you a lot of your money. Metal cribs are comparatively more durable. They are more solid and last longer. 
    • If you are not a big fan of cramping your room with a lot of furniture, wooden cribs are the best solution for your baby. You can use this full-size crib as dressers, armoires, chests, dresser, combo changer, and so many other storage solutions. Metal cribs are not a great option for your baby's nursery if you want them to be styled very extravagantly. Finding metal cribs that complement your baby's nursery décor and the theme is going to be tough. But it can be a good option if you want to go for more of a classic or antique style. 
    • A wooden crib is a great choice when it comes to finding a perfect crib that stands out among your furniture pieces. They are available in multiple finishes, starting from natural, light finish to dark espresso. You can also choose the style according to your preference, be it Retro, Classic, French or Modern. They are also available in multiple cute color options like pink, purple, green, blue, etc. But an elegant and sophisticated metal crib also makes quite of an aesthetic statement. You will find these cribs in several themes like Tea time finials or bunnies and horses. 
    • Metal cribs are comparatively more expensive than wooden cribs. Their designs are much more intricate, and the frames are sturdy. A wooden infant crib is more versatile and functional.

    How long do babies sleep in cribs?

    Baby Sleeping In Crib

    You can transition your baby from a bassinet into a crib after 5-6 months from the time he/she's born. Your baby can sleep in the crib for as long as 1.5 to 2 years. However, if your baby is growing in size and is more of an energetic fuss creator, you need to transfer him/her faster to the toddler bed. 

    Here are a few tips you can keep in mind for a smoother transition so that your baby's sleep cycle is not disturbed: 

    • You should buy a toddler bed that is low to the ground and can accommodate the mattress. Your baby will feel cozier when the mattress height of the crib is low.
    • Create a comfortable night-time routine for your little one. Try bathing your baby or read out a book to your toddler, or give him/her some nice snuggle. Your baby is likely to fall asleep faster in the crib. 
    • In the initial few days of your baby sleeping in the crib, try to sleep in your baby's room only. You have to monitor him/her for safety reasons.  
    • When your baby is about a year old, you can stuff in some cozy pillows, blankets, and even some stuffed toys into the crib. This will help your baby fall asleep faster.

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