October 12

Frequently Asked Questions About Dressing the Baby Answers – Pod Ep 70


Wearing a baby has become a habit that mothers have been using for generations. It’s something I love and write for every new parent because it makes things easier for you and better for your child. Babies want to be close to their parents, too dressing a child, parents can do this while still having all the necessities.

As a newcomer or caregiver, childbearing can be dangerous to initiate, and there are often many questions. That’s why I talk to two mamas, Skye and Mallory, who are both very knowledgeable and passionate about having children until they started their own ring company. They answer frequently asked questions about childbirth and share their expertise.

Our guests

Skye and Mallory are Co-Founders a hope & divination, a ring-cutting company offers modern, beautiful, and sophisticated design. Most importantly, it is a place where caregivers of all races, sizes, and backgrounds can come together to explore the best benefits of reproduction.

Market place and a mother of two, Selah Plum and Shepherd Keane. They live in Minnesota with their parents, husbands, and children. On optimism & divination, Mallory oversees all yields from start to finish. Not only do they use the harvest, but they are educators about fertility! They help their customers get enough with their ropes!

Skye and the mother of three, Eleanor Hope, Madelynn Mae, and Kieran Rhys. He works as a lawyer in Washington, DC and oversees the field of hope & divination. Their company has allowed her to pursue her business interests and has given her the desire to have children. Wearing children stays close to her heart. Her first child, Eleanor Hope, was at NICU for several weeks and Skye could not hold him until the days were born. Wearing a baby allows Skye and Eleanor to establish a relationship they previously missed. It has been an important part of Skye’s journey through motherhood ever since.

We are happy to have you here answering frequently asked questions about childbirth and much more.

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