October 21

Monster Ice Sensory Function – A Certified Child


Do you have kids who love ice cream and sports? They will love the amazing Eagle! It’s great to play Halloween games and it’s fun all year round!

We shared the project last year with ours member members and it was hard, so we want to share it with you!

Have you ever heard the words written to children that when children are in trouble or need to fix it, just add water? This is one of the things I love to remember when we have a hard day!

Even better? Just add ice. Kids love it!

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What do you need to do this?

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Here are some things you can try to enjoy the ice:

ice halloween events

Not sure about home games? Get in the bathroom!

You can do this at any time of the year indoors or outdoors!

How do you get started? It’s that simple!

  1. Put water, food coloring and googly eyes in a natural way.
  2. Refrigerate overnight.
  3. Take out the ice and you’re ready to play!

We love adding these to fun barrels or shrubs and adding tons or other fun items to the fun game! Scoops are fun to add when the googly eyes start to melt.

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A girl playing with ice with her eyes twisted

Want a fun book to read along with these horrific ice events? We Love The Difficult Beast by Lane Fredrickson!

Find all of our favorite Halloween books, including this one in our Halloween Books for Kids collection.

Why is exercise good for children?

Exercise allows children to use their various strengths and explore new and familiar ones.

Fun play also helps other children to be quiet and a great way to recover when they have a hard day.

Extensive play can often be equipped with tools to help children develop their motor skills which are skills that help in many other areas of life. Tongues and pictures are some of our favorites!

A girl uses a party to pick up ice

Do you have any hobbies that you like? Or an Ice game? Share them in the comments! We want to give it a try!

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