June 11, 2022

Changing Table Ideas for Small Spaces in 2022

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If you're looking for the best diaper changing table ideas for a small spaces, then you've come to the right place! A baby is an absolute delight to live with, but they have their own needs. Baby changing tables are a necessary but often underrated part of a new parent's life, so it makes it even more challenging to fit one in a small space.

We've rounded up the most creative and ingenious changing table ideas so that you can find an innovative and functional solution for your limited space.

#8 Cheap changing table ideas for small spaces

If you are expecting a baby, it is more than likely that the first thing on your to-buy list will be a changing table. Buying one can represent quite a significant investment for someone who isn't sure whether the child they are buying for is going to have their bedroom or not, so if you find yourselves in this position, there are several cheap change table ideas out there which will enable you to give the baby a place to change and store all their essentials without having to break the bank.

1. Use A Changing Mat On The Floor

This is probably the cheapest option around, but it does mean that you have to bend down when changing your baby so if this bothers you, then opt for one of the other cheap change table ideas. The floor doesn't have to be bare, and if you want your baby's room to look like a nursery, then why not use a rug or mat that matches their color scheme? One good thing about this is that you can use it as a playmat when your baby gets bigger.

2. Use An Old Dresser Drawer As A Changing Table

This is another cheap changing table idea that may not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone. If the dresser drawer is not an option, you can still use it's top as a changing table if you cover it with a changing table topper. Still, if you are decorating their room now and want the most affordable option possible, this is a good one. You can repaint the changing table dresser yourself to freshen it a bit up and buy a changing table topper for dresser to cover it and turn it into something nice for your baby's room.

3. Use A Chest Of Drawers As A Cheap Changing Table

This is like the previous idea, but it is more practical for households with limited storage space as you can use both top and bottom drawers to store diapers, creams, etc. You may find that you need some help lifting your baby in and out of this one, though.

4. Use a corner changing table

If you have a really small budget, then consider using a corner changing table. This is nice and easy to make yourself by attaching some foam padding to the corner of the wall and adding in some storage underneath for supplies such as diapers, creams etc. There are also corner changing tables available if you don't want to create your own from scratch, and to save even more space check out a changing table organizer as well to squeeze out that extra space that you need.

5. Use a Wall Mounted changing table with storage

This is perfect if you are short on floor space and has the added benefit of being easily stored away with the help of hinges, when not in use. It is pretty cheap to buy one already made, but if you want, then you can buy changing table pads and attach it to the wall using Command Strips for a more secure fit.

6. Use a portable / folding changing table

If you are looking for a small changing table that is cheap and you don't mind moving it around with your baby, consider using a portable changing table. This is one of the best cheap change table ideas out there as they are not only very affordable, but multipurpose as well. You can fold it whenever you travel or just need some extra space in the house, it's a great idea because it's really a narrow changing table that fits into the most impossible spaces.

7. Use a crib and changing table combo

If you don't want to use a changing table but want somewhere safe and sturdy to change your baby, then we got the answer: cribs with changing table.

A crib with changing table attached is available in various different models such as this graco pack n play with changing table which has storage underneath, includes a full-size portable bassinet and Diaper Changer. 

At first it might not appear the cheapest option, but if you add up all the items you are getting with this 4 in 1 crib with changing table, it is the best deal you can find on the market right now.

8. Cheap changing tables - Make your own!

This idea is perfect for people who like to do things themselves, and it enables you to create your changing table using items that are probably already lying around the house. If you have some spare shelves in your garage or basement, why not paint them a nice color and use them as a base? You can then decorate them by gluing on some padded material or covering it with contact paper. If you invest some time in it, it might turn out pretty good at the end of the day.

How to maximize storage space in your nursery?

When you’re preparing for a baby, one of the first things on your to-do list is likely to be setting up a nursery. When designing it, keep in mind that the room will also serve as your child’s room when they grow older and begin to sleep through the night, so you need some creative ideas for changing tables. Since your child will only be in the crib for a limited time, you want to maximize storage space so that you can avoid having multiple bulky pieces of furniture. Look for furniture and accessories with multifunctional uses and choose them over items that serve just one purpose.

  • Utilize the space on the walls:

    The walls are some of the most underutilized real estate in a nursery, but they’re also one of the most accessible. If you have the budget for it, consider getting wallpaper with cute characters on them to decorate your child’s room. Since this option comes at a rather steep price, opt for less expensive alternatives such as decals - ensure that they’re the removable kind. Hang a mirror if your child is still young and doesn’t bother with trying to look at themselves in it, and remove it once they start to notice it.
  • Decorate to make the room appear bigger:

    Keep your accessories, furniture, and decorations to a minimum: they can clutter up a room quickly. Use vertical space by hanging up floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or wall shelves. These are perfect for keeping all of your child’s favorite toys organized neatly and making great decorative items. Opt for neutral colors in the nursery to make the space appear larger. Keep the walls free from clutter and decorate with your child’s artwork, which you can easily store away in a binder or a box on a bookshelf.
  • Pick products that can serve multiple purposes:

    If you’re thinking about getting a baby dresser with changing table, instead of just one with drawers, opt for one that also has shelves as well. You can use these extra spaces to store other items related to your child’s care, such as diapers, wipes, creams, and soaps. Not only does this save you play, but it also helps you to stay organized and keep your child’s room neat and tidy.
  • Take advantage of under-the-bed storage:

    Opt for a crib that has drawers underneath it. Purchase an under-the-bed box and pick up some plastic baskets at the dollar store - this way, you can keep all your child’s clothes stored away in one place and easily access them when needed. You can even get multiple boxes so you can stack them up neatly to maximize the amount of storage space available.
  • Fit a closet into your baby’s room:

    Consider getting a closet organizer kit to make the most of the space next to your child’s crib, or purchase a freestanding wardrobe if you have enough floor space in the nursery. A simple garment rack with an over-the-door hanger also offers you ample storage solutions if you don’t wish to drill holes into your walls.
  • Choose furniture with multipurpose uses:

    Instead of opting for a dresser, choose a changing table that can be used up until your child is old enough to use the toilet by themselfs. If your budget allows it, purchase a convertible crib that can later be used as a toddler bed and finally as a full-fledged bed. If you want to save money, choose furniture that serves multiple purposes such as this: an ottoman or storage bench can double up as seating and storage for toys. A linen basket placed under the changing table is not only convenient when it comes to reaching for diapers but can also be used to store other clothing items.
  • Use innovative storage solutions:

    A mesh bag can help you keep all your child’s bottles and feeding-related items stored away neatly. A shoe organizer hung on the door of your nursery will allow you to neatly stow away all those cute little shoes that your child had probably just begun to wear as well as some flip flops for days when it gets too hot.
  • Make the most of every inch:

    A bookshelf over your child’s bed can double up as a storage space for all of their favorite storybooks and plush toys. You can even attach a simple, retractable clothesline to one of the walls in your nursery so that you have a convenient place to hang your child’s clothes - this way, they can dry faster, and you can always get to them whenever required.
  • Use the doors to your advantage:

    There’s no point in having an empty wall above your child’s dresser if it is hidden by their clothes which are hung up on hangers! If there isn’t enough room to do this, or if you don’t wish to put holes into the walls, place hooks on the door of your dresser to hang your child’s clothes on. This will help you save a lot of space and ensure that all hanging clothes are in one place when it comes to putting them away after use.

Consider a Changing table safety rail

Many parents want a safe changing table for small spaces, so that their child is always protected. A great solution is installing changing table safety rails.

It is an excellent addition to any nursery. It is a simple yet classy design, which you can use for newborns, or children.

Changing table safety rails can make a big difference in comfort, safety, and convenience for parents. It is a great home safety product that can help keep your children safe from injury and give you piece of mind.

People also ask:

Do you need a changing table for a baby?

As you get ready to welcome a new baby, you may be wondering what to buy to go into the nursery. The changing table is one of them. As soon as your baby is born, you start thinking about putting their changing table. It is a critical piece of furniture for your newborn baby.

On the other hand, changing babies' diapers can be a messy experience. With dirty hands and clothes, you may accidentally get your baby's diaper dirty. To avoid this, use a changing table. It will help you when you need to change your baby's diaper. You can put multiple diapers, wipes, etc., on it at the same time. 

What are the benefits of a baby changing table?

The beauty of a baby changing table is that it provides a safe place for parents to change diapers and care for their children. They are also commonly used to clean a baby's face after being wiped with a wet wipe. 

You will have to change your baby's diapers at least 8-10 times a day. It will assist you in getting this job done comfortably. Plus, this table will relieve you from bending in any painful position, which will save you from back pain.

However, many parents don't know exactly how a baby changing table works. So they assume that those tables are to be used for newborns only. 

In fact, for parents of newborns, a baby changing table is a must-have tool. 

Black changing table vs white changing table: which one to choose?

Most people can't make a decision on the color of the changing table, because there are to many factors when you are decorating a nursery. You can't match all furniture at the same time, there will be always something that won't fit or will stand out more then the other stuff. That is why the majority of parents go on a safe bet and chose black or white. A black changing table will be always elegant, modern and will freshen up the room. It's not a happy color, but it ain't a sad one as well, so you can't go wrong with it. A white changing table is mostly chosen because it disappears near a white wall, so if you have a small space using white, bright colors will help create the illusion of more space. 

What to look for when buying a changing table?

When choosing a changing table, you need to consider several factors. Safety, design, height, storage, and convenience are all important, along with the cost. There are many options, but you need to know what to look for to get the best changing table you can. There are different types of changing tables that you can choose depending on the age of your baby. 

Can you make a dresser into a changing table?

Yes, you can. An excellent way to make a dresser more versatile is to turn it into a diaper changing station ideas. Not everyone has the space to store a full-size changing table. Some parents prefer a simple dresser that is possible to convert into a changing station. Watch the video below to see how it's done!

How to ensure the baby changing table is safe for your child?

When you have a baby, your home suddenly becomes a busy place. And one of your busiest places is the baby changing table. It's a place where they can easily be injured. So, it would help if you didn't ignore all the risks that exist. 

Do not rely alone on your caution to avoid falling; you should consider the following suggestions. 

  • Inspect the table
  • Attach the guardrails and protection strap. But never let your baby alone.
  • Always try to purchase a changing table that comes with Roll-Off Protection.
  • Keep the supplies (like- diapers) within your reach.
  • Confirm the changing table has a convenient height. A standard table would be 36 inches in height.
  • Babies safety belt  
  • Obey the instructions and limitations of the manufacturer.


A baby changing table for small spaces is one of the best baby products to change a baby from one activity to another. Using a changing table isn't just a convenience for parents; it's a necessity that keeps a baby comfortable. However, changing tables for small spaces are helpful for so many things, from changing diapers to storing baby supplies. As a new parent, you should never overlook this functional furniture. 

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