October 1, 2021

Most comfortable rocking chairs for nursery

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Are you a new mother or a mom-to-be? We are pretty sure that you are concerned about nursing your baby. But can you do without a piece of rocking chair among your baby's other nursery furniture? The answer is no! You need to feel comfortable and relaxed for nursing your baby better. The gentle rhythmic motion calms and soothes your baby while feeding, and will also easily fall asleep after the nursing session. 

In a hurry?

If you don't have time to read through the following article in order to find a product that would suit your needs best, no worries because we've done all the hard work for you. We hand-picked the top 3 products for you so you don't have to go through all of them!

Is a glider or rocker better for nursery?

The Glider Vs Rocker debate is one that both veteran and first time moms struggle with. There are those that swear by them for those early feedings and then there are some who say they're overrated and even a nuisance. So what exactly is the difference between a glider and rocking chair? Is one better than the other?

A glider is a chair meant to soothe and calm babies. It's been said that the gentle movement is similar to being in the womb, which is why they have been so popular over the years with both moms and hospitals alike. Most gliders are made from real hardwood or molded plastic and come in a variety of colors. Many models now come with matching ottomans for mom to rest her feet on. Most gliders allow you to adjust the angle of the chair and footrest so that it is easier to feed your baby and then lay them back down afterwards.

A rocker, on the other hand, is a chair that doesn't have any bells and whistles like that of a glider's. The rockers on the market today are typically made with soft cushions and plush fabric. They also don't have any moving parts, which means it won't be able to do the actions of a glider. Rockers are usually lighter than gliders, making them easier to move around if you needed to.

While there are many different types of rockers on the market today, you still have to be careful when purchasing one as not all of them can be used for nursing and feeding your child. The ones that do tend to go a little bit more expensive than a typical model, but if you plan on using it much longer than you will find that it is worth the money. If you don't plan on nursing and feeding your child, a rocker may be more than enough to do the job.

So which one is better? Well that really all varies with what you're looking for in a chair and what purposes you would like it to serve. If comfort, style and the ability to move around is important to you, a rocker may be for you. On the other hand, if feeding your child is more of what you're after, then a glider will definitely get the job done.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to both chairs. A lot of people like how lightweight Rockers are, which makes it easy to move them throughout their house. If you want to take your baby anywhere else other than the room you're in, a rocker is more mobile and would be ideal for moving around. Many moms find gliders uncomfortable, but others feel that they are much more supportive compared to rockers.

Do you really need a rocking chair in a nursery?

If you are a new mom or a would-be mother, having a rocking chair is a substantial part of a nursery. The rocking mechanism of the chair gives both the mother and the child relaxation and a bit of comfort. 

The smooth rhythmic motion of the rocking chair soothes the child and causes less difficulty while sleeping. So, this helps the baby to fall asleep quickly and lessens the mother's task as well. As your baby grows, nursing the baby to sleep will become a habit, and she will get adapted to a good healthy sleep cycle as well. 

How do I choose a rocking chair?

Rocking chairs are available in a variety of materials, attractive colors, and designs. However, when it comes to choosing the right rocking chair, you need to take several factors into account: 

  • Durable fabric 

Your nursery chair must include a good choice of upholstery, woven material, and easy to clean fabrics ( bonus point if it's machine washable). Although, if the fabric is compatible with your nursery design, stick to the dark and shady colors that will camouflage stains more quickly. 

  • Support 

A good rocking chair must offer you additional comfort so that you can easily stand up after nursing without disturbing your little one. If the chair's surface is too soft or wide, it causes difficulty to get up without waking up the baby. So, make sure to choose an adjustable or reclining chair that can be operated from a seated position without reaching over the sides. 

  • Cozy but firm seat 

If you're going to spend half of the night feeding your baby, then doing it in a rocking chair with comfortable padding can alleviate your pain. Always look for a chair that comes with wide padded, plush armrests and a lumbar support pillow. This allows you to sit in a comfortable position and give a sustainable latch to your baby. A cozy nursing pillow can add to comfort.

  • Easy to use

Mostly, parents prefer a rocking chair that is adjustable and easy to use. As it helps to reach the nearer places while holding a little one in your hand. A rocking chair that comes with a handy storage pocket or hidden storage is even more helpful. A removable cushion is always more convenient.

  • Design 

As a parent, you always want to give your child nothing but the best in the world. Isn't it? And, choosing a modern yet classic design rocker will give your child the maximum comfort and compliment your room decor at the same time. You can also pick from tons of colors and shapes like a square design for rocking chairs.

How can I make my rocking chair more comfortable?

A rocking chair's back-and-forth smooth motion makes it an ideal spot for relaxation or taking a quick nap during late-night feedings. However, a few simple modifications can enhance your rocking chair comfort level. If you have a wooden chair, then the seats and backrest might feel pretty hard? Isn't it? To make it more comfortable, add a padded cushion to the seat and backrest. You will find a variety of sleek designs and color options in the market.

So, make sure to choose a color scheme that coordinates with the color of your sofa. You can even opt for an individual cushion for each seat and back or a long-single cushion that covers both areas. If you can't find a suitable option in the market, make your own comfortable seat with washable foam padding with a range of colors. For better comfort, you can add a soft padding to cover the armrests as well.

Is rocking a baby to sleep bad?

Maybe you've found yourself swaying back and forth, cradling your little bundle of joy in your arms while singing softly to get them to fall asleep. You may not be intending to rock them like a rocking horse, but the natural rhythm of rocking is often soothing for babies who are ready to drift off into dreamland. However, many people are unaware that the safest way to put a baby down for a nap is in their crib, flat on their back with no toys or blankets. Rocking an infant has its benefits, but it also has its risks.

  • Benefits of Rocking Your Baby To Sleep

The natural rhythm of rocking is often soothing for babies who are ready to drift off into dreamland. Rocking a baby can have a calming effect on babies and on parents as well. The rhythmic sounds of the rocker and the repetitive motion can eventually lull both baby and parents into sleep. It is more difficult for infants to escape from being rocked into a deep sleep than from bed or crib, which can increase your baby's sense of safety and reduce her anxiety, stress, and irritability.

  • Risks Of Rocking Your Baby To Sleep

In addition to the lack of sleep that parents may experience from getting up every few hours to rock their infant into a deep sleep, rocking has also been shown to slow babies' development. Research has shown that babies who are rocked to sleep before the age of 6 months have a harder time learning self-soothing techniques.

Rocking has not been found to reduce the number of times a baby will wake up during the night, unless you use it in combination with other soothing techniques.

If you rock your infant too deeply into sleep, they may wake up when you place them in their crib and may be harder to get back down for a nap.As babies get older than 6 months, they can rock themselves into a deep sleep and then fall out of the rocking cradle or off of your lap while still asleep. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not support using any devices designed for attachment to cribs, play yards, or bassinets that are used for recreational purposes.

It is important that you use the safest sleep practices for your infant to ensure their safety and wellness as they grow and learn. If you're unsure about what to do when it comes to putting your baby down for naps or at night, speak with your doctor or pediatrician. They know your child's health history, and may offer you advice on how to help your baby get the sleep they need.

You should also speak with them if you intend to use a rocking technique in combination with other soothing methods or devices to put your infant down for naps and sleep, so that you can be sure of their safe use. 

Are rocking chairs safe for toddlers?

In general, baby rockers are entirely safe and secure. But make sure to read all the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines mentioned in the guidebook. Also, in case your baby falls asleep in the chair at an incorrect angle, move them to a crib or flat surface. 

For extra precaution, you can place rocking chair stoppers at the arc of the chair to prevent its arc-like motion all the time. Also, avoid placing a rocking chair beside the window so that the baby won't be able to climb up on the chair and reach out to the window. 

What type of chair is best for the nursery?

Mainly, three different types of chairs are available in the market, ideal for nursing a baby. 

  • Rocker - A nursing rocker features curved bands at the bottom of the legs and restricts unnecessary gliding movements. Besides that, it consists of a padded armrest and a soft seat cushion for extra comfort.
  • Recliner - In recliners, when your lower your back, the footrest lifts up, putting you in a reclined position. Also, it soothes the body and gives a cozy luxurious feeling.
  • Glider - A glider has its own gliding mechanism that allows it to move in a back and forth direction. Gliders usually have a gentle glide motion than a rocking chair. However, many variants of gorgeous nursery gliders with different dimensions and features are available in the market.

All these types of chairs have unique features and specifications. Each chair involves a range of motion that makes it distinctive from the other chairs. 

What is the most comfortable rocking chair for the nursery?

Settling down with a good book and a warm drink, or just taking it easy after a long day at work has never been so relaxing as it is in the comfort of your own rocking chair. Whether you're looking for extra seating space that fits into limited living quarters, or simply want to add a bit of comfort to your daily breastfeeding rutine a rocking chair might just be the perfect addition to your decor.

It's a household staple that has been around since before time was marked on rocks and it has stood the test of time as a must-have item for those who value their free time. Whether you opt for a wooden or a fabric seat, there is no denying that it's one of the most comfortable furniture pieces you can find even though it might appear to be quite limited in its utility.

  • The comfort factor.

When looking for the best rocking chair for your nursery, there are a few factors that need to be considered before making up your mind. First and foremost, take into account the size of the space where you are going to put the rocking chair. Take measurements of the available space, especially if you are dealing with limited living quarters.

A large room can easily accommodate a two-seater rocker while smaller nurseries might need more compact options that will take up less living space without impeding on your ability to move freely.

The material that the rocking chair is made of will also have an impact on its final price, which might limit your options if you are on a budget. If you're uncertain about what type of fabric would work best in your home, take into consideration that natural fibers such as cotton and linen mix well with just about any living space, while more traditional upholstery fabrics are very versatile as well.

Finally, another important factor is whether or not you want to spend your time rocking the baby to sleep each night, which has both its advantages and disadvantages. While a handcrafted wooden rocker with a sturdy oak frame will stand the test of time, it might also take quite some effort to constantly rock the baby to sleep in it.

  • The price factor.

When opting for a more traditional approach, always remember that the quality of the materials used has an impact on the final price, with oak being amongst the most expensive options available. However, even if you prefer to save money when buying household items, there are still some fabric and wood combinations that will allow you to get a good value for your money, especially if you opt for something minimalist and unpretentious.

You might be surprised to find out that the price tag on some of these items can be as low as $150 or less, but taking into account the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship involved in some of these handcrafted pieces it is quite understandable.

Finally, there are also a few prefabricated options that will ensure you get a good value for your money without having to spend too much time shopping around or going through all of the available options.

Our top 3 picks for the most comfortable rocking chairs ideal for the nursery:

1. Haotian FST15-DG Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

This one is a super comfortable, relaxing lounge rocking chair with ample storage space for you and your baby to have some fun me-time at the end of a long day. The cotton fabric cushion is soft and luxurious. While the frame has been crafted with birch wood and is exceptionally stable with a sleek design.

The chair has been coated with white varnish. The cotton cover comes with a zip so that you can easily remove and wash it. The color scheme is quite minimalistic and has a chic vibe to it. It complements the contemporary furniture arrangement of a modern nursery really well.

Haotian FST15-DG Rocking Chair

  • Modern comfortable relax rocking chair lounge chair.
  • Stable frame made of birch wood with varnished coating.
  • Cover with zip, removable and washable.
  • Dimensions: See picture. Weight: 10kg. Load capacity: 120kg.
  • It comes in a flat pack. Self-assembly required. Detailed instructions included. Do not ship to the Channel Islands.
  • 2. YOLENY Fabric Rocking Chair

    The design of the chair combines the sense of retro with modern furniture, which makes the chair both practical and decorative. The vintage rocking chair is made of cotton and linen fabrics, and is equipped with a solid wooden frame, which can give you a comfortable experience in the nursery, living room or any shared space. High back contour design and ergonomic arm height add more charm. This chair is worthy of you!

    YOLENY Fabric Rocking Chair

  • STURDY SOLID WOOD BASE: The frame of the chair is made of solid wood multi-layer board to ensure a safe structure, can carry up to 250 pounds, and provides strong support, so you can sit down with confidence. A wooden frame is also added in the middle of the base to further increase the stability of the glider rocker with ottoman.
  • COMFORTABLE ROCKING EXPERIENCE: The swing function of the leisure chair can bring a soothing effect to people. Not only suitable for the elderly to sit on the chair to read the newspaper or watch TV, but also very suitable for the mother to sit on the chair to coax the baby to sleep. You can put the chair in the living room, bedroom, and study, and enjoy the comfortable experience and fun brought by the rocking armchair at any time.
  • THICKLY PADDED OTTOMANS: The fabric covers of the back and footrest are made of cotton and linen. The comfortable material is wear-resistant and skin-friendly, and it is also very easy to clean. The 5-inch thick foot pads and internal high-density sponge design make the entire rocking chair for nursery soft enough. This greatly improves comfort and allows you to relax after a tiring work.
  • 3. Giantex Upholstered Rocking Chair

    With 2 types of feet, this armchair can be used as a rocking chair when installed with the rocker feet or you can install it with upright feet to be an ordinary sofa chair. You can customize this chair according to your preference. Both types of feet are equipped with foot pads to prevent scratches on the floor.

    This high chair back provides extra comfortableness and security for you when you lean on it and rock the chair. The ergonomic back design give strong support to your whole body. Putting your hands or arms on armrests, you will reduce fatigue for enjoying spare time.

    Giantex Upholstered Rocking Chair

  • 『Thickly Padded Seat Cushions』 This rocking chair's cushion is filled with numerous high-density and soft sponge to give you a more comfortable and soft sitting experience. Its fabric slipcover is wear-resistant and feels smooth.
  • 『Easy Assembly and Movement』 All hardware and parts are given a number, and assembly steps are shown in picture forms for reference. Featuring light weight, the chair is also easy to be moved.
  • 【Wide Application】The elderly can sit on the rocking chair to read newspapers, or the young can put the accent chair on the balcony to enjoy leisure time. With clean line and elegant style, this multifunctional armchair blends perfectly into any decor. It is ideal for bedroom, living room, balcony, office, etc.
  • Conclusion

    A rocking chair is an essential piece of furniture for your baby's nursery. It makes the nursing experience much easier for you and more enjoyable for your baby. Go ahead and select the rocking chair that suits you and your baby the best.

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