June 1

Owlet belongs to Every Family


As a family-based company, Owlet believes every family is unique, beautiful, and worthy of respect. We know that families are made in different ways and celebrate the love that is needed to make families of all kinds.

Celebrating the Pride Month and expressing our support for each family, Owlet has donated 25% of Forever Rainbow socks sales that Family Equality, an organization dedicated to promoting equality among LGBTQ families.

Wear your Smart Sock 3 with our everlasting Rainbow sock, and show your support to every family. Smart Sock is the only child monitor to monitor heart rate, breath, and sleep patterns, and let you know when your child needs your care.

Help Owlet continue our work of caring for every child and every parent by purchasing our Forever Rainbow cloth.


Are you new to Owlet Smart Sock? See The amazing benefits of our award-winning professional technology are finding the peace of mind that millions of families enjoy each night.

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