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Holy Line Awareness Day is a great time to teach your children how a white stick helps blind people to be more independent and secure.

“White cane is a tool for the blind and visually impaired so they can move around and look around,” says Susan Fazio, who works at the Deltona Lakes Elementary School Vision department.

White Line Awareness Day and October 15. It has been celebrated since 1964 when the US Congress proposed that the day be White Cane Safety Day. For many years, National Federation of Blind, the organization that helped create the White Cane Safety Day changed the name to White Cane Awareness Day.

The purpose of Holy Cross Awareness Day is to celebrate the rights, equality, and fulfillment of the blind. White cane is a tool that helps blind people achieve their goals.

Growth is a White Line

Nico Baroni, 10 years old.

Fifth, 10-year-old Nico Baroni is completely blind and with little awareness. He attends a traditional school. Nico received his first cane at the age of 2 and began learning to use it at the age of 3.

“The white stick means his freedom,” says Crystal Baroni, Nico’s mother. “When Nico can walk on her own, she can be on her own. That’s dangerous as a mother, but that’s what you want.”

Nico lost his eyesight at the age of six months when pressure from neuroblastoma cancers damaged his optic nerve. The use of white sugarcane has been a natural part of Nico’s life since he was a child, but he continues to work with a travel and travel expert to learn more.

“I tell you in my opinion, it’s easy to use,” says Nico confidently. “Put a stick on the other side so you can follow the grass or the wall.”

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To use the cane, he says, you practice it from side to side by looking at shoulder width to check for obstacles. The white lines should be the same as the chest of most people (chin for pedestrians). As a result, Nico is on his fourth staff. “I like to call my staff. The first was Michaelangelo, the second Donatello, and then Raphael (The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). And here I am at Darth Vader, “says Nico.

“It’s your part,” Mom adds as the staff stretches out her arms and hands.

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White lines are made of metal with plastic tips. Young children who learn to use a stick have a ball at the end, as they grow older and learn to complete their studies in a small marshmallow cottage and then a plastic tip, says Crystal Baroni.

Images are folded for easy retention when you go to school, to a restaurant, or while riding Disney World, which is one of Nico’s favorite things to do.


Nico says white cane is a tool for blind people, but you still need to know where you are to help you by “listening for more information.” Not only does it feel like cars and people, but things like air-conditioned components that can’t get away from you. You have to look.

“With his stick in his hand, Nico can find a way around (school) and avoid obstacles. Every morning he walks from his parents to his classroom in some way. He does this all day going to the cafeteria from his classroom to the area. special (music / art / PE), and then at the end of the day from his classroom back to the parent get in his mother’s car, “says Fazio, a schoolteacher of Nico. “With a big man next to him, Nico can walk up stairs, curbs, find cracks in the road and in the dirt. He finds a way to get in the door, enters his classroom and finds his table, and pulls out his things. He’s a very good kid.”

Braille 5498805 1280

As a hero in a Florida school, Fazio changes everything Nico learns in class and tries braille. He then writes all Nico’s works from braille to print so that his schoolteachers can read and write his work. Braille is a form of writing, in which letters and numbers are represented by a series of high-resolution dots that can be traced by a finger.

White Line Awareness Day

At Nico’s school, they celebrate White Cane Day at school. The Vision team wears the same shirt. This year the shirt will say, “The Stick Enhances My Freedom More Than My Hand.” The observation team directs the activities of visually impaired students using special glasses to capture a wide variety of visual effects.

Crystal Baroni is excited to help in Nico’s class on White Cane Awareness Day and events to educate children who see what it means to be blind. “We cover the children and wrap them up a little, so they can see what’s going on in Nico’s country,” he says. Nico goes to elementary school and also reads alphabet books for blind children.


“An important part of white sugarcane is freedom. It gives the blind and those who have difficulty seeing the possibility of a full and independent life, “says Fazio.

Than White Cane

“I used to love mathematics, but now I love science. I love experimentation and experimentation, “says Nico.” My favorite writers are Mary Pope Osborne and Ron Roy. “

Nico is like any other fifth-grade student except that he never sees. The books he reads are in braille. Nico was first named five years ago as the Braille Challenge District Winner. She placed 10th in the National Braille Challenge two years out of five. The program of Braille problem and an annual reading contest with Braille.

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The whole school knows Nico’s name, because he can’t see, he uses a white stick, and he’s on the morning TV commercials. It’s not bad when everyone knows your name, but it can be amazing. A lot of people pass by and say, ‘Hi, Nico.’

“I feel like two people’s voices,” he says. “I don’t like it when people just want me to know who they are. It’s frustrating. ”

Nico and Fazio have less and less to do when talking to a blind person.

Do it Introduce yourself: “Nico, this is Mrs. Fazio.” The great peeve of Nico’s pets doesn’t tell him your name when you say, “hello.


Do it talk to him directly, not through someone else.

Do it give instructions such as, “Your desk has five sections on the right.”

Do it use her name when talking to her, otherwise she will not know you are talking to her.

STILL CRYING When you speak, you cannot see, but you can hear.

STILL CRYING don’t be afraid to use words like “blind” or “see.” His eyes may not work, but he still says, “Nice to see you.”

If this is your first time learning about White Stroke Day or the benefits of white cane, Crystal Baroni says, that’s fine. “Not everyone knows until they know,” he says. “I can’t be angry with people. But don’t just look. Ask questions. ”

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