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School Bicycle Route Testing for School Students


What are some fun ways to make car skills? Try a smooth salt tray! What a wonderful way to screw people over!

Not only does the salt tray help you master motor skills, but you can also master the art of writing before making drawings that can help your child be ready to write!

What is a salt tray?

Salt shakers are easy to set up for kids! Salty salt allows children to use writing skills before writing down a few things you already have in your kitchen! Grate the salt with a tray or baking pan and you’re ready to play!

You can also add good car accessories or electronic toys such as our favorite CAT 6 mini trucks!

Why is a salt tray good for automotive technology?

The salt tank helps children use their energy as they explore and make signs in the salt. Salt is easy to drive and quick to put in the tray, which makes it a great choice for recreational sports and good car activities. Salt also encourages children to date because it is fun to travel. I enjoy it as much as my children do! Children can use their fingers or a brush or pencil to help them get rid of salt.

If children can move the salt in a tray to form, shape, shape, then a creative tray will win!

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How to become a simple good tire tire:

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To get started with this project you need several things:

Salt Seekers

Salt Tray Fine Motor Activity Install:

It will not be easier than this!

  1. Add salt to your tray.
  2. Approach it to cover the bottom of it all over.
  3. Add other tools (brush, pencil, cars)
  4. Optional: Add templates in your form to what you can do before writing!

What are pre-written skills?

Prior to writing skills before asking children to write or write letters. Before we can ask them to write, the children have to make different whips. He should do this before writing the strokes in a row before learning to write.

These are pre-labeled whips that contain growth sections. All children grow up according to their own pace, so they may not be exactly following this age.

  • Visual Line – (2 years simulation, 3 years copies / masters)
  • Horizontal Line – (2 years 1/2 imitation, 3 years copies / masters)
  • Circle Shape – (2 years 1/2 imitators, 3 / masters)
  • Cross shape (+) – (3 1/2 year old imitators, 4 years old)
  • Square Shape – (4 years)
  • Right / Left Lines – (4 1/2 years)
  • X Shape – (5 years)
  • Triangle (5 years)

When playing with a salt tray you can show your child the whips before mentioned above, or other whips, and try to get them to do the same.

I like to draw different strokes on the writing cards and place them on a tray for kids to imitate! You do not need pages to learn basic writing skills! Here are a few ways Allie at There is no time to share Flashcards to help children develop pre-written skills while playing!

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Have you ever tried a salty tire like this before? Do you have any other favorite activities to help kids develop motor skills? I want to hear about them in the comments!

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