April 17

Scissor Skills Use Spring Cutting


What is the best way to teach scissor and pre-school skills to children? Simple actions as small as this spring tracts!

Performing scissor skills doesn’t have to be pretty, but you can make it fun by using new tools or a theme! Easy cutting trays it’s so much fun!

On the spring pruning tray we used a flower theme!

TIP: Before handing out scissors to children, you should make sure they try to get a good handle first. Here are some of the best baby car accessories.

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How to set up a spring tray to use scissor technology:

You can install this very quickly!

  1. Grab a tray or bucket to put the paper in (I like these graphic design art!)
  2. Cut a few pieces of colored paper around and around. I looked for other plates to make larger circles
  3. Cut out several pieces of green paper to make them stand out and attach them to the circles to form flowers.
  4. Draw lines, shapes, zig zag, slits, and more on each circle / half with Sharpie.
  5. Check the flowers on paper with scissors.
  6. Tell your students at school!

Check out these Scissor Skills Practice experiences through the pictures below!

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Follow the plates with a pencil to make circular cardstock.
Cut the stems from the green paper. Use the markers to draw lines around the cut flowers.
Show the tray to your classmate and let them cut!

When you show your experience to your classmate, you can let them explore and cut as they please. Make sure you include a simple sheet of paper if they want to make their own.

Add zip zags, curves or other challenging lines to more experienced cutters!

Scissor Skills NOTES:

Be sure to draw a smile on your child’s thumb (on their big hand) or work sticker. Remind them to smile and look up at the sky while cutting!

These tips will help them to have a great time cutting with scissors!

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  • Give your children pens to decorate with flowers.
  • Give your children green paper scraps and tape so they can cut the leaves / thorns and put them on the flower tree.

When your children have finished decorating their flowers they can hang them on the window and make your garden in your home!

Do you have any other Scissor Skills Practice ideas that your kids love?

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