October 19

This fatigue fits in your pocket


Fun without Messages

Doodle It Book author Jaq Jaq Bird

You do not know when the frustration will begin. Your child can combine their complaining and crying forms with the heartfelt request of your phone. .

The program of Doodle It Book Writer Jaq Jaq Bird is a fantastic “day-to-day” savior that you want to have in your pocket all the time. This hybrid, 8-page book was created by a woman who knows for herself that a pack of Crayons sometimes doesn’t just cut. The books come with a set of 4 non-toxic ButterStix® graphics with no side effects. Just wipe with a damp cloth to prepare the creatures to come! Parents love that books are repetitive and minimize waste. And kids especially love the colorful themes with a variety of themes (Spaceships! Unicorn! Dragons! Dinos! And much more!) mixed ideas. Beneficial to all three and beyond, these moving books encourage research and the development of essential skills.

Boring? There is a Doodle It Book for that.

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