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What It Is And Why You Should Consider It


Even though I had my first child 13 months ago, I feel like it was yesterday. The last few weeks of my pregnancy were difficult, although I did all the work I had on my medical trip before I became pregnant. (More in-depth eating later.) The simple tasks I took lightly – finding a comfortable place to sleep, climbing stairs, wearing socks – became work that required more thought, preparation, and effortless attempts than I had imagined when I was pregnant.

Selfishly aside, I had seen my weight gain in those nine months. I saw in my stomach stretching and growing to achieve an inner life, a life that can take everyone in love and need. I wholeheartedly accepted this after discovering a natural diet and recovering from my illness.

Old Problems (Before Eating Naturally)

The daily diet of the mother's parents is a natural diet

Five years before I became pregnant, I suffered from orthorexia, anorexia nervosa, anorexia nervosa (preoccupation with a specific part of the body (for me, in my stomach), and heavy drinking – restricting movement, while blocking overeating causes overeating or overeating. I just found out I ate fast soon.

In order to have a very long story about eating, I created anorexia nervosa problem in order to prepare people to be acceptable as a child. Perfectionism was a way to protect myself from criticism. It also helped me to realize how much time I spent in graduation (and my eternal “student”) was coming to an end.

My goal during recovery and my eating disorder is to heal my mind, body, and spirit during my pregnancy. I did not want to harm my unborn child with the habits I had during pregnancy because I was worried about obesity. Eating naturally or not, I did not want my child, even a boy, to believe that they were not enough unless they were in a certain body, that they needed to use their bodies to be self-sufficient or to prove they were fit in this world.

And I achieved my goal, with the help of natural eating. When I became pregnant in 2019, I was completely healed, and in July 2020, I gave birth to my son, Archer.

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Avoiding the Dangers of Eating and Eating Naturally

The daily diet of the mother's parents is a natural diet

If you are already a mother, I must not tell you that the first few months are meaningless; deep sleep connected to each other, not only does it mean that cold coffee is heated three times, but also clothes that come with a milk supplement or milk stains. Naturally, eating naturally can be fun, but in those days, you are lucky if you eat at all!

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You have less control over the first few months (although, as I can see, the adjustment that you “restart” in old age is lost in some ways). When you combine the feeling of your life not being in your home and the pressure from people to “rehabilitate your body,” you have a way of coping with traumatic events. Time to try something new – natural eating.

Natural Food Saves The Day

The daily diet of the mother's parents is a natural diet

The philosophy of natural eating was what eventually healed me. Not to mention the message about food culture, which made me stop eating for the first time. Shortly after Archer was born, I decided to become a nutritionist.

Natural nutrition is the opposite of eating foods that believe the body knows what it needs to feed itself. Someone who eats naturally eats hungry, stands up satisfied, respects cravings, tolerates all foods, and knows that obesity cannot be controlled through diet and exercise. Eating properly also takes into account how your body feels when you eat certain foods.

Aside from allowing all the nutrients and relying on your body to know what it needs, natural diets are set on the assumption that you are as adequate as you are; that the thin point that people tell us to achieve in order to be worthy, loved and accepted is a lie. Natural eating can help us realize that cultures (such as thin ones) are not true. Consider Somalia. In Somali culture, older women are respected. So which culture is “right?” The answer is no, and this should help eliminate pressure.

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You Are Beautiful, Because You Eat Natural

The daily diet of the mother's parents is a natural diet

Mamas, please be gracious. You created the real thing and produced the perfect human being. I don’t believe in miracles, though, but making life as close to a miracle as I can imagine.

Celebrities often “restore their bodies” by imposing punishment; high (and unbalanced) diets; your teachers, nutritionists, and cooks. To be honest, the intestines can also prepare for the right amount of time. Perhaps they should consider eating naturally instead.

You do not have to compare yourself. You don’t have to be that way. Gotta be You. Your child needs to be you. Receive naturally eating and feeding your body what it needs. And if your body is slowly – slowly as it took to grow your baby – it returns to where it was before, that’s fine! If not, that’s fine, too, because it reflects another season in your life. Your body has never been, and never should be, which makes you important or interesting. You are the same person you were before your baby was born. Instead, let me bring this back. You are brave, courageous, very kind and very loving.

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You also have the responsibility to train your child or children. In the presence of children, it really affects us. Now we have another person to create and who is making himself out of what he sees in us. Do we want to be monitored by nature or to be monitored regularly? Eating a different diet from the rest of the family? Talking bad about our bodies and how they need to change?

Bodies are just the means we use to get us through this crazy journey that we call life. It allows us to see the inner beauty, to endure the hardships we must inevitably endure, and to make our name in the world less honorable. We cannot do all of this if we are eating and restricting ourselves, worrying about the outside world that, at the end of the day, will not bring us the magical joy and security we think we will ever have.

Consider eating naturally. Listen to your body. Let yourself be the one who had the impossible expectations that you had for you, past and present. They do not serve you. They do not serve your child. Therefore, do everything in a way that is based on selfishness, self-pity, and self-reliance. And maybe, maybe, eating natural can help you get there, as it helped me.

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The daily diet of the mother's parents is a natural diet
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