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Why I Don’t Hear a Judge Using a Formula


Many years before I became pregnant, I had already made a decision. I would just use a formula to feed my future baby. I never thought about my decision once. This is one of the things I’ve always known I would do. I didn’t know what other people would do in my case and how he would try to make me feel guilty. But, I soon began to understand the words “mother wrong”That’s what it means.

Countless mothers throughout my pregnancy he commented such as: “Are you sure you don’t want to try?” or “Would you try to do that colostrum? ”Or“ You can only at the pump if you are not comfortable breastfeeding directly from you! ”It got to the point where I could no longer talk about what I was doing. This is one of the biggest questions people ask me when I have my son. I always tell them when I give them an answer that they will judge me 99% of the time. Only a few said, “Good for you. I wish I could do that!”

It is strange to me that the way a woman chooses to feed her baby can be contradictory. I dried my milk as soon as it came in and gave my baby a bottle with a formula from the beginning. Here are some reasons why I don’t feel guilty for using the formula.

Why I Don’t Hear a Judge Using a Formula

Anyone can feed my baby.

This alone puts a lot of pressure on me as a mother. Anyone can feed my son, that he may be a husband to me, grandparents, or caregiver. This means that I should not be present at any feeding station. It also means that my husband and I can easily switch getting up at night to feed the baby so we can all sleep. I can also leave the house at any time to do something or to have fun with my friends without having to put it in order to be fed.

My body becomes mine too.

They always say pregnancy is 9 months. In fact, if you count the weeks, it is 10 months. Then if you pass yours due date, we are talking about shame for a whole year. This is almost every year you give your body to grow and nurture someone (or several people!).

Even if you get pregnant easily without complications, it won’t work in the park. Each pregnancy comes with another Hard times, especially for abortion. Towards the end of mine, my the parents swelled up it doesn’t matter what I did. My right ribs constantly ached when I had my baby pierced in the area. I remember looking forward to a break from all of this. Putting my body possible discomfort it was not what I wanted when she is recovering from childbirth and infant care.

It’s not a secret they’re eating and how much.

The formula is measured by ounces, so you can easily see the amount of what they are receiving. It is also easy to identify the possible causes of the baby’s instability as you can read the labels and decide if one of the recurring ones may be the cause. By doing so, you can change to another is try something else.

I can eat, drink, and take whatever medicine I need.

Many food and drink is safe for children or cause reflux or stomach upset. When I get pregnant full of restrictions, I look forward to starting some of them again. It also meant that I could take any necessary medication without worrying about giving it to my baby. Cosmetic supplements like Botox and supplements are also on the table as if it’s something you love to do!

It removes one of the causes of anxiety.

Knowing that I can “buy” my baby food for my immediate removal is one step away anxiety. I can pick them up at the street corner or take them home. I didn’t care if my baby was getting full or why they weren’t latching or when / how much at the moment. The 100% stay of my baby was mentally and physically possible using a formula to feed him.

I relate to my son in other ways.

Breastfeeding is one of the ways a mother can interact with her baby. We are very close, period skin and skin when he was new, and socialized with one another. I don’t feel like I have a smaller relationship than any other mother with my son.

My baby now 9 months and they are prospering! It has remained stable at very high percentages. He sleep well at night and very content, happy child! Is the plan the reason for these things? Probably. Probably not. But I think having a mother who feels good mentally and physically as a result of feeding does not hurt! Regardless of how you choose feeding your baby, whether it is breast milk or breastfeeding, be confident and proud of the decision remembering that “feeding is the best!”

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