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The Christmas dinner contest turns the family holiday party into an event that everyone looks forward to throughout the year. With the popularity of shows like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off, we thought we could bring home some fun and turn our vacation into a culinary. Little did we know three years ago that our first Christmas food contest would be a family affair.


At a Christmas dinner, everyone 10 years of age or older makes a homemade plate to share. It could be an appetizer, a large meal, vegetables, side dishes, or salt. So, basically, we turned the holiday potluck into a competition. Yes, indeed, there are rewards.

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Our extended family has 16 family members this year ranging from 3 to 74 months (17 people if you count the number of couples who will compete for the first time this year). Potluck is the way to go so no one should do all the work for a family dinner.


It seems that every family brings great food, salt, and portions or flavor. So we always have more than enough. Lots of food and laughter. Sometimes we decorate the house according to the theme but most of the time it is just food.

How to Make Your Family Christmas Competition

The first year is all about taking your family. Keep it simple. With potluck rewarding titles. Then pick the person who did the ceremony. It is a pleasure to modify members’ homes every year in such a way that everyone gets a chance to show off their decorations. Send calls and set rules. Remember rule 1 is about having fun.

The theme sets the stage


The Christmas food contest is a great way to not only try new recipes but also learn about food, people, and national and international celebrations. Our heads are from Greek to Hawaiian Luau. This year, we are celebrating our Christmas food and Chinese food competition. Topics covered for use in the coming years include French, Soul Food, and Mexico. You can choose any type of food or country and make it a theme. Our plan does not mean repeating the title that way every year is different and fun.

You can choose your favorite foods or do a little research to find out about Christmas around the world. There are several family-friendly websites that offer tutorials and recipes. Kids World Travel Guide it is a good start for the whole family. You can explore countries, continents and practice trivia.

Describe Your Christmas Food


When it comes time to eat, we put all the food on the counter potluck style. Each chef writes the name of their dish and the competition team on a folded piece of paper. Of course, if you want to make high-quality cards, you can. We keep it simple.

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Then, we all gather in the kitchen, even the little ones, because they also vote. Each chef describes his dish in a wonderful way. This is your chance to make sure everyone sees your plate before you eat.

Dinner is provided

Since it is a competition everyone really enjoys food. Appreciation flies on the table where everyone, even 7-year-olds, pays close attention to the taste, texture, and texture of the food. It is indeed a food of gratitude. It’s amazing how everyone is. Of course, electronic devices are not allowed unless they are photographic.

Christmas Competition Christmas Food


When all food is followed – spicy, dinner, and salty – we secretly vote for the Best Foods, Best Sermons, Best Tastes, and Best Ideas. Rewards are self-made trophies. Obviously, you can buy “beautiful” cups.

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But in our family, the first year of our Christmas competition, my brother-in-law made it. “beautiful cups”In a variety of sizes by gluing household items and wrapping them with aluminum foil. The contestant writes his name with a sharpie and adds a little deception. They are a beautiful addition to a winner’s home all year round. Each winner will also get something beautiful like socks or spatula provided by the party that year. (We change homes at Christmas dinner every year.)

Our Christmas food contest brings us together. We learned that it is not too late to start a family affair. Fun, family, and food – the perfect ribbon for any holiday celebration.

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