Baby Info – Baby Tracker for feeds, sleep and more

The simplest baby tracker app to follow breastfeedings / baby feedings, sleep, diapers and so much more!

➤ Designed by parents who understand what you want
➤ You’re too busy to keep track so we do it for you!
➤ Help give your doctor the proper information so he/she can make better decisions about your baby
➤ Mark off milestones your baby has achieved and capture those moments with pictures!
➤ Sync your data to the cloud for free and share your data with your better (or worse) half in real time!
And this is just the beginning!

You are also able to track the following

• baths
• baby bottle feedings (formula, breast milk, water…)
• baby breastfeeding sessions (track both sides)
• breast pumping sessions (track quantity of either side)
• diaper changes
• food (cereal, fruit, proteins, snacks, veggies)
• growth data for comparison to the World Health Organisation charts (head, height, and weight which is useful for premature babies)
• medication (capsules, drops, inhalants, liquids, ointments, powders and suppositories)
• potty time (when your life becomes easier)
• sleep
• temperature (useful information for doctors when your child is unfortunately sick)
• tummy time
• create your own activities!


With our baby development milestones tracker, you can easily

• follow a list of development stages your child should be experiencing. The milestones list can help you know what to expect. Remember every child is different! Some are faster than others!
• view warning signs for each development stage. These warning signs can help you contact your doctor earlier and stay ahead of any trouble!
• add pictures to those milestones and see your baby’s development

Following breastfeedings and/or baby bottle feedings can help you see if your child has been losing their appetite or perhaps gained too much of a healthy appetite. A baby development tracker can make the difference when consulting the doctor and have all the precise answers to all their questions.

Synchronize all your baby development data for free across all your android devices! Share this information with your partner or caretaker.

Do you have more than one baby? Not a problem! Track multiple children with ease with this baby tracker app.

View across multiple months with our reporting system your baby’s feedings and see trends your baby is experiencing. With these statistics, you may have a better understanding of the patterns your child is going through and make better decisions accordingly.

Export your data from this baby tracker app into excel files so you can do your own reporting or share this information with your doctor or caretaker. You can easily share your data weekly with people who don’t have Baby Info.

We hope you enjoy using our app and if ever you have any inquiries or need help just use the contact us button in the menu! We want to be the best baby tracker app for baby development and so feedback is vital for us. Let us know what you want!

Baby apps for new parents are great tools to have at your disposal. Make us your choice!